Prospective Students

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in robotics have a number of incredible educational opportunities at CWRU. Courses for undergraduates are taught by some of the best researchers in the field and these classes focus on helping students gain an in-depth understanding of how robotic systems work, from a theoretical, software, and hardware perspective, and on giving them the basic tools they will need to build their own robots and robotic systems. Additionally, students are invited to work alongside professors and graduate students in one of the many robotics research labs which focus on everything from medical robotics to sociable robots. Undergraduate students interested in studying robotics should apply through the general admissions homepage, then select from the classes listed in the academics page of this website.

Graduate Students

Graduate students who wish to continue their study of robotics will find no better institution that the IRI. Graduate students will build on the knowledge they acquired as undergraduates and learn more about how robotic systems work while increasing their ability to create those systems, particularly through practical application. Students at this level will have ample opportunity to work with faculty on a wide range of projects, and they will also be able develop their own. The IRI's places a great deal of emphasis on cross-departmental cooperation, and CWRU is home to a number of top ranked programs. In addition to working with incredible robotics faculty and peers, graduate students will be able to collaborate with some of the best and brightest in other areas of study as well. Graduate students interested in studying at CWRU should apply through either the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering (M.S. or Ph.D) or the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (M.S.).

High School Students

High School Students High school students who are interested in robots and want to get started before college are encouraged to contact the IRI directly to find out what opportunities may be available to them. Many IRI faculty welcome any and all students to come observe, or possibly even assist, their lab research and it's never to early to start learning about robots.