Undergraduate Courses

The undergraduate robotics coursework lays the foundation that will allow students to take part in the revolutionary work being done at CWRU as well as the world at large. These classes provide in-depth exploration of some of the most important topics in the field of robotics. The following is a list of some sample courses and their syllabi:

Graduate Courses

The graduate robotics coursework builds and expands on the material covered in the undergraduate courses. These classes will give graduate students the educational footing they need to begin working on the most advanced and innovative robotic systems. The following is a list of courses and their syllabi:

Combined Five-Year BS/MSE Degree

For outstanding and devoted engineering students, the Engineering department offers the opportunity to complete an MSE with only one additional year of study (usually MSE completion takes two years). Application for admission to the five year BS/MS program is made after completion of five semesters of course work. Minimum requirements are a 3.2 grade point average and the recommendation of a faculty member of the department.