Wind Energy Research Center

The Great Lakes Energy Institute operates the Wind Energy Research Center (WERC) to provide Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) researchers and their collaborators opportunities to test their ideas on full-scale wind turbines.  The WERC has three sizes of wind turbine that are fully functional and continue to produce over 1,000 megawatt-hours of electrical energy every year for CWRU and neighboring industries.                             

V27 – Euclid, Ohio
V27 Euclid, OH
N54 – Euclid, Ohio
N54 Euclid, OH

Wind Turbine Descriptions

NPS NorthWind 100 (NW100) Vestas (V27) Nordex (N54)
100kW direct drive 225kW gearbox drive 1000 kW gearbox drive
37m tower 30m tower 70m tower
21m rotor 27m rotor 54m rotor
stall controlled pitch controlled stall controlled

Point of Contact

For Industry Partners and Researchers that are interested in demonstrating products on the wind turbines please contact:

Grant Goodrich

Executive Director

Great Lakes Energy Institute


Phone: (216) 368-0748