Research Platforms

At Case Western Reserve, energy transcends Science and Engineering. Linkages stretch into the Weatherhead School of Management, as well as the Schools of Law and Medicine. Built on historical strengths in fundamentals – from materials and electrochemistry to controls and finance – Case Western Reserve’s energy research unites disciplines.


In terms of scope, the University’s energy research stretches from generation through transmission, distribution, control, sale, and use. Recognizing the importance of this interplay, Case Western Reserve's energy research groups into five themes:

CWRU is achieving success in energy. Since 2008, the University’s energy activity has produced:

  • 4x increase in energy research
  • 5 new funded energy centers, serving wind, solar, storage, and grid research
  • 6 ARPA-E awards
  • Millions from NSF, DOE, the State of Ohio, corporations, and foundations
  • 100 faculty members engaged, up from just dozens
  • More than 100 industry partners and national labs co-proposing and partnering

GLEI supports faculty in energy through functions not normally available:

  • Pursue and capture funding specifically for energy research
  • Identify and disseminate trends in energy, to understand changes and improve success
  • Propose for larger awards with bigger and more interdisciplinary teams
  • Drive more University research to application orientation, matching a national move
  • Join industry partners into winning concepts

Students also play a fundamental role in CWRU’s energy research. While on campus, they engage in world-class research at every possibility. Upon graduation, they take with them intensive and hands-on experiences with new energy technology. Throughout, they often bring the business and entrepreneurial passion to take innovations to market.