Student Opportunities

female mechanical and engineering student welding

Get involved

The classroom is just the beginning. Nearly all of our students—practically 99 percent—participate in some form of experiential learning during their time at Case Western Reserve. From joining any of our 25 dynamic student organizations to making discoveries in research jobs both on and off campus to studying abroad, opportunities abound for you to connect with your classmates, mentors and friends on campus and around the world.

Student Groups

Baja Society of Automotive Engineers

Baja SAE is an international collegiate competition series hosted by SAE. Engineering students from around the world design and build lightweight off-road cars from the ground up. Teams then compete against other colleges in a number of events, which examine the performance, durability, marketing, cost and design of the cars.
Contact: Wyatt Slifcak,
Faculty Advisor: Richard Bachmann

Case Aeronautics Team

students of the Case Aeronautics Team with their airplane
This club primarily designs, builds and flies a large scale custom RC aircraft for an annual competition each year hosted by Cessna and Raytheon. The required task varies each year, ranging from aerobatic maneuvers to carrying and dropping payloads. We also explore autonomous flight and quad-copters.
Contact: David Kuhtenia,
Faculty Advisor: Paul Barnhart

Case Rocket Team

Case Rocket Team
The Case Rocket Team, which is always looking for new members, participates in high-power rocketry competitions and other aerospace-related events in the area and throughout the nation, including the annual Battle of the Rockets (BotR) competition.
Contact: Julian Town,
Faculty Advisor: Steve Hostler

Global Health Design Collaboration (GHDC)

CWRU students and faculty demonstrating a device in Uganda
The Global Health Design Collaboration (GHDC) is a multi-level interdisciplinary organization that aims to integrate social science and engineering disciplines in the development of relevant, sustainable solutions to health concerns in Uganda. Specifically, GHDC seeks to utilize the theoretical perspectives and methodologies of sociocultural anthropology to identify local health concerns within an emic model, and then apply these factors as inputs to an engineering design process to produce culturally appropriate and sustainable solutions.
Contact: Bill Ding ,

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Start making discoveries: either working side-by-side with our field-leading faculty or on your own independent projects. Design robots that mimic the movements of a praying mantis or explore how microgravity affects combustion with NASA. Build structural batteries for unmanned electric vehicles or team with industry to better connect data with manufacturing.

Explore all of our research strengths and meet our faculty to learn more about the exciting projects you can be a part of.

Rise to the challenge

Keep your eye on the prize and enter your great ideas into a design competition. Case Western Reserve hosts two internal contests each year: the Saint-Gobain Design Competition and the Spartan Challenge. The Great Lakes Energy Institute also supports students interested in entering the Clean Energy Challenge.

And, via CWRU LaunchNET, the university helps students participate in local, regional and national competitions and events.

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