PhD in Aerospace Engineering

Fully explore and add to the field with concentrated research in fluids and thermal sciences, turbulence and fluid machinery.

mechanical and aerospace engineering student working on laser table

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Major: Aerospace Engineering

Tackle the most difficult problems in the field of aerospace engineering with a PhD from Case Western Reserve University, where we relish making the impossible possible. Through intensive learning and research, you’ll become an expert in aerostructure design, flow dynamics, thermodynamics, propulsion, structural mechanics, heat transfer and more. 

Case Western Reserve has a long history of working with the aerospace industry and has a close collaboration with NASA Glenn Research Center, one of the top institutions for aerospace engineering. In fact, many NASA Glenn research scientists also teach in our program, and our students regularly partner on their projects. And our location in Cleveland, Ohio—a hub of the aerospace industry—puts you in good company and positions you for research collaborations with some of the brightest minds in aeronautics. 

Many of our students’ dissertation projects partner them with real projects currently being explored by NASA and aerospace companies, meaning your academic research is giving you real-world work experience at the same time. 

At Case Western Reserve, we explore the latest developments in materials, computer science, manufacturing, control and electrical engineering to improve the design of advanced aircraft structures with a goal to enhance efficiency, improve transportation, reduce cost and increase the safety of air travel. 

The current state of aerospace technology is in need of an overhaul, and experts are needed who understand the industry as well as the fundamentals of aerospace engineering. Gain the fundamental understanding needed to move the edge of knowledge to help usher in a new era of novel air structures.

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