Bachelor's Degree Programs

Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or data science with our rigorous undergraduate programs.

Computer engineering student working at a computer in a classroom

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts
Areas of Study: Computer Science, Data Science and Analytics

Our undergraduate programs train students to work effectively, professionally and ethically in their field. Through our innovative, rigorous curriculum and hands-on experiential learning opportunities, we encourage and develop the next generation of expert leaders.

The Department of Computer and Data Sciences offers undergraduate degrees in:

  • Bachelor of Science : Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Science : Data Science and Analytics

Our core and elective courses provide students with the flexibility to work across disciplines. Our curriculum is designed to give students a well-rounded background and ability to solve real-world data and computing problems.

We also offer minors in computer science, applied data science, computer gaming, and artificial intelligence.

At Case Western Reserve University, you can change your program at any time. 

Both of our computer science degree programs provide a lot of flexibility. Wherever you are on the spectrum—between wanting to focus on computer science versus wanting a broad liberal arts education—our faculty advisors will help you craft the education that fits you.