BS in Computer Science

Master the fundamentals of computer science, and choose one of six technical areas for an in-depth focus, including software engineering, computer security, artificial intelligence and more.

Degree: Bachelor of Science 
Major: Computer Science

In our undergraduate program in Computer Science, we’re looking for problem-solvers who relish the challenge of using computers to find solutions to difficult issues. 

No prior experience with programming?  No problem!  

Our program welcomes all, and you will not be alone. A large number of our majors come to Case Western Reserve having never written a computer program.

We have the educational expertise to get you up to speed, quickly.

Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is an ABET accredited degree program designed for students who want a deep dive into computer science. In this program, you will master the fundamentals of computer science, explore the breadth of computing, and choose one of six areas of specialization for further in-depth study: 

  • Algorithms and Theory
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Systems, Networks and Security
  • Databases and Data Mining
  • Software Engineering

Not sure which computer science degree is right for you?

The Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts programs provide the same foundational courses in computer science. The difference is in the elective courses you choose.  

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree take a majority of their courses in computer science, mathematics, engineering and the natural sciences. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree have fewer required computer science courses and at the same time, many open electives, allowing students to easily explore other interests in fields outside of computer science or engineering.

Still not sure? At Case Western Reserve University, you can change your program at any time.

Both our degree programs provide a lot of flexibility so wherever you are on the spectrum between wanting to focus on computer science versus wanting a broad liberal arts education, our faculty advisors will help you craft the education that fits you.

Being a part of the Case School of Engineering means challenging your limits inside and outside of the classroom, and getting leading-edge education and experience. For example: Our “Introduction to Connected Devices” course, jointly offered to Case Western Reserve and Cleveland State University students as part of the partnership between the two universities via the IoT Collaborative, gives students the chance to cover the full spectrum of work of a multidisciplinary team at a real-world software firm. 

Looking to have your work published? You can easily team up with other departments and industry professionals in our research facilities to create work that can be published, showcased or presented at conferences. 

Have an idea you aren’t sure how to execute—or don’t have a clue where to begin? That’s where we thrive. 

You’ll study and learn from peers and professors who can guide you toward solutions—and support you no matter what.

Get Hands-On Experience

Want to make the most of your time as a CWRU student? Be proactive and take part in the programs, volunteer opportunities, and competitions Case Western Reserve has to offer. 

Our Cooperative Education Program allows you to pursue a unique paid experience relevant to your course of study. Most of our students participate in summer internships and/or research experiences. 

You can also get involved in Hackathon, or teach local middle school and high school girls programming through the Girls Who Code

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET

Explore degree requirements, courses and more in the university’s General Bulletin

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