BS in Data Science and Analytics

This major is one of the first undergraduate programs nationwide in the field. The rigorous curriculum includes mathematical and statistical modeling, informatics, data systems and analytics, and project-based applications in various data domains—all elements of the emerging field of data science.

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Data Science and Analytics

At Case Western Reserve University, we provide our students with the fundamentals needed to understand and harness data and turn it into actionable information. We provide an academic atmosphere where you can build the knowledge and expertise necessary to fulfill the demanding roles of this rapidly growing field. 

Here, you’ll explore:

  • Data Management for structured and unstructured data,

  • Statistics and Data Analytics,

  • Data mining, Machine Learning for Big Data,

  • Large-scale Data Systems,

  • Signal processing, 

  • and so much more.

As an undergraduate in our program, you can change the world of health through data-driven diagnosis or tackle Big Data challenges through programming, domain knowledge, and analytics. We will prepare you to make accurate predictions and gain insight to form better decisions in many different data domains. 

You’ll gain hands-on experience with programming for data analytics, work with structured and unstructured data from different sources, and build a deeper understanding of the field—one that will benefit you now and in decades to come. 

Data scientists can find ways to help people in society, like reducing water-shutoffs, detecting scammers preying on the elderly, preventing lead poisoning, organizing public health efforts and improving graduation rates. Other nonprofit and government fields include transportation, energy, international development and medicine.

We encourage students to go above and beyond by making the most of their education. At Case Western Reserve, you can get involved with student organizations, pursue co-ops, collaborate with our outstanding faculty in cutting edge research, and get real-world experience through summer internships. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Analytics, you will have a broad spectrum of career opportunities. As a data scientist, you can use your credentials to predict financial market movements, improve our understanding of biological systems through the analysis of their DNA sequences, optimize users’ buying experience by incorporating their social media information, correct inherent bias in AI systems and many other possibilities we’ve yet to uncover.

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