PhD in Computer Science

Reach the apex in your field with a highly specialized PhD in computer science degree. Our program offers a number of program tracks, from AI to software engineering.

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Major: Computer Science

Computer science and information technology form the underpinning of most modern industries. Our program helps you develop highly valued skills and the ability to solve problems within a broad range of fields. We aim to provide an environment of scholarship and professional participation to help students build confidence and the ability to interact with colleagues globally.

Our PhD in Computer Science is a 54-credit-hour program allowing you to hone your expertise in algorithms, computer networks, data science, AI and more. We prepare you to achieve greater goals and become a leader in Computer Science. 

Through this PhD program, you will be able to strengthen and demonstrate your talent through independent research. 

Selected incoming students are supported by research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and competitive fellowships from the State of Ohio and from alumni donations to help them achieve their educational and research goals.

Ohio Board of Regents Doctoral Program Statements

The Department of Computer and Data Sciences is home to one PhD-granting program.

Read the Ohio Board of Regents Doctoral Program Statement:

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