BA in Computer Science

Master the fundamentals of computer science within a traditional liberal arts education and become the well-rounded person you want to be.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Major: Computer Science

At Case School of Engineering, we want to teach—and learn from—students with a wide range of interests. Our Bachelor of Arts program provides a more expansive education by combining a liberal arts education  with a focus in computer science.  

Interested in a second major or several minors? Our Bachelor of Arts program has the flexibility to do that—allowing you to personalize your educational experience and explore the many paths down which computer science can take you. 

In our Bachelor of Arts program, you will master the fundamentals of computer science plus gain the cross discipline critical thinking and communication skills of a liberal arts major that both employers and graduate schools love.

Computer science skills are likely to remain high in demand due to the ever-growing role it has in today’s society. With our degree program, you can hone your craft in computer science and another discipline—all within a four-year period.

The Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts programs provide the same foundational courses in computer science. The difference is in the elective courses you choose.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree take a majority of their courses in computer science, mathematics, engineering, and the natural sciences. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts degree have fewer required computer science courses and at the same time, many open electives allow students to easily explore other interests in fields outside of computer science or engineering. 


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