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Kurt Rhoads

Faculty Director, Roger E. Susi First-Year Engineering Experience
Roger E. Susi Associate Professor, Division of Engineering Leadership & Professional Practice
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Engineers environmental water, wastewater and energy processes using biotechnology
Office: 312E Nord
Phone Number: (216) 368-2952


Ph.D., Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, 2009
M.S., Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, 2001
B.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland, 2000

Awards and Recognitions

2021, Outstanding Faculty Award for Student Development , Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests

Environmental Engineering, Environmental Fate of Pollutants, Bioremediation, Algal Biofuel Development, Engineering Education

Teaching Interests

Environmental Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, First-year Engineering, Experiential learning

Professional Leadership and Service



Rhoads, K. R., Rostkowski, K., Kitanidis, P., & Criddle, C. (2013). Use of On-Site Bioreactors to Estimate the Biotransformation Rate of N-Ethyl Perfluorooctane Sulfonamidoethanol (N-EtFOSE) during Activated Sludge Treatment. Chemosphere, (92), 702-707.
Cramer, H., Okicki, J., Rhoads, K. R., Wang, X., Silverman, E., & Heston, W. (2007). 2-5A ligands--a new concept for the treatment of prostate cancer.. Nucleosides, nucleotides & nucleic acids, 26 (10-12), 1471-7.