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James Anderson

Distinguished University Professor
Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Tan, D., Schiefer, M., Keith, M., Anderson, J., Tyler, J., & Tyler, D. J. (2014). A neural interface provides long-term stable natural touch perception. Science translational medicine, 6 (257), 257ra138--257ra138.
Schiefer, M., Freeberg, M., Pinault, G., Anderson, J., Hoyen, H., Tyler, D. J., ... Triolo, R. (2013). Selective activation of the human tibial and common peroneal nerves with a flat interface nerve electrode. Journal of neural engineering, 10 (5), 056006.
Fisher, L., Miller, M., Bailey, S., Davis, Jr, J., Anderson, J., Rhode, L., ... Triolo, R. (2008). Standing after spinal cord injury with four-contact nerve-cuff electrodes for quadriceps stimulation. IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 16 (5), 473--478.