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Jai Kadambi

Professor Emeritus, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Office: 209 Y Glennan Glennan
Phone Number: (216) 368-4585
Fax Number: (216) 368-6445


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 1976

Research Interests

Multiphase Flows, Turbomachinery, Slurry Flows, Laser diagnostics for fluid flow, Ultra sound diagnostic techniques for solid-liquid slurry flows, Thermoacoustics, biofluid-mechanics

Teaching Interests

Turbomachinery, Thermodynamics, Fluid and Thermal Design, Experimental Techniques in fluid and Thermal Sciences, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics


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Lee, K., Kadambi, J. R., & Kamotani, Y. (2017). The influence of non-condensable gas on an integral planar heat pipe radiators for space applications. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 110 (), 496-505.
Kadambi, J. R., Li, Y., Guzek, B., & Kamotani, Y. (2015). Compact Heat Rejection System Utilizing Integral Variable Conductance Planar Heat Pipe Radiator for Space Application. Gravitational and Space Research Vol. 3, issue 2 pp.28-39. 2015, Vol. 3, (Issue2), 28-39.
Kadambi, J. R. (2013). Majid Rashidi; Jaikrishnan R. Kadambi; David Kerze , “Wind Tower System With a Helical Wind Deflecting Structure, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Experimental Studies ,. ASME’s J. Energy Resour. Technol.., ().
Kadambi, J. R. (2013). Hoyt, N.C., Kang, M. F., Lee, K. L., Kharraz, A., Kadambi, J., Kamotani, Y.: Study of steady and dynamic behavior of gas core of passive cyclonic separator for space applications. . Microgravity Sci. Technol, 25, 187-200 (2013) ().
Furlan, J., Kadambi, J. R., Loparo, K. A., Sreenath, S. N., & Manjila, S. (2009). PIV Investigation of Cerebral Spinal Fluid Flow in the Cerebral Ventricular System. Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing, 16 (2).