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Genevieve Sauve


Wang, C., Wei, P., Ngai, Jenner H. L., Rheingold, A., Gray, T., Li, Y., ... Sauve, G. (2019). A zinc(ii) complex of di(naphthylethynyl)azadipyrromethene with low synthetic complexity leads to OPV with high industrial accessibility. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 7 (42), 24614-24625.
Wang, C., Zhang, Z., Pejic, S., Li, R., Fukuto, M., & Sauve, G. (2018). High Dielectric Constant Semiconducting Poly(3-alkylthiophene)s from Side Chain Modification with Polar Sulfinyl and Sulfonyl Groups. MACROMOLECULES, 51 (22), 9368-9381.
Zhao, Z., Zhang, Z., Pejic, S., Zhang, G., Zhu, Y., Liu, H., ... Sauve, G. (2017). Synergistic dielectric and semiconducting properties in fluorescein monopotassium salt random copolymers. Polymer, 114 (), 189-198.