Summer Spotlight: Gwyn Lai

Gwyn Lai

Major: Chemical Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2025

  • Where is your research opportunity located or who is it in partnership with?

Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Illinois

  • Explain the details of your research. 

I am working in the target laboratory where I will be working with enriched stable isotopes to construct targets for medical isotope production. These isotopes can then be used for medical imaging (like PET and SPECT imaging) and therapeutic purposes.

  • How did you find this opportunity? 

Through my PI, Dr. Duval!!

  • What has your experience been so far?

So far the experience has been pretty relaxed. It has been a lot of touring around Argonne campus and hanging out with the other interns!

  • What are you most looking forward to?

I am excited to start my independent research project and learn new techniques and use all the super cool equipment here!

  • What's your best advice for students who might be looking for a similar opportunity?

Talk to a professor or research advisor! They are great resources to bounce ideas off of when you need some guidance and often know a lot of unique research opportunities for students.