Rohan Akolkar Wins International Award!

Dr. Rohan Akolkar was selected as the winner of the 2023 Electrodeposition Division Research Award by The Electrochemical Society!  The prize was first created in 1979 to encourage the publication of high-quality research articles in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society and Dr. Akolkar was awarded for " numerous contributions toward the development of novel electrodeposition processes and materials, and for enabling breakthrough advances in the fundamental science and industrial practice of electrodeposition.”

On reception he had this to say: " I have been fortunate to have exceptional colleagues, collaborators, mentors, sponsors, students and friends, who have made this journey so enjoyable. I am also very grateful for my affiliation to the ECS.”

This prestigious award will be conferred at the 244th ECS Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden, in this coming October!  Read the full article here.