Recap of BEES EFRC 2023 All Hands Meeting


From March 31st-April 1st the Breakthrough Electrolytes for Energy Storage Energy Frontier Research Center (BEES EFRC) held its all hands meeting at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The event brought together BEES members from around the nation to share research progress, engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions and strategically plan for the upcoming year. 


One notable highlight of the event was the presence of the Department of Energy (DOE) Program Manager, Craig Henderson, who joined the All-Hands Meeting. Henderson's participation underscored the significance and support the Department of Energy places on the groundbreaking research conducted by BEES EFRC.


Another key feature of the All-Hands Meeting was the successful student poster session, where students enthusiastically presented their research findings from the past year. This session not only showcased the depth and breadth of the research conducted by the next generation of scientists but also provided a platform for fruitful discussions and knowledge exchange.


The event served as a melting pot of ideas, allowing researchers to share their latest findings, exchange insights, and collectively brainstorm innovative solutions. The collaborative atmosphere fostered during the meeting emphasized the commitment of BEES EFRC to pushing the boundaries of energy storage research.


The meeting also fulfilled BEES’ research focus and scientific mission of designing principles for structured electrolytes, aiming to achieve breakthroughs in energy density and transport rates of redox species and ions and uncovering the transport mechanisms of ions, protons, redox species, and electrons in nano to meso scale structured electrolytes both in bulk and at electrode-electrolyte interfaces.