Geotechnical Engineering

Civil Engineering's Geotechnical Lab

Geotechnical Engineering finds solutions to problems involving soils and rock. It embraces the topics of soil mechanics, rock mechanics and foundation design. The mechanics of soils and rocks develops the bases for studying the interaction between the geological environment and man-made constructions whose large majority rest on, or below ground surface. The  geotechnical engineer determines and designs the type of foundations, earthworks, and/or pavement subgrades required for the intended man-made structures to be built. Faculty at Case School of Engineering are engaged in research that examines new design in off-shore wind turbine foundations and soil mechanics for lunar missions, to name a few. 

Geotechnical Data-Based Cases

This database contains the results of 234 tests conducted on three different sands and the results of 26 tests conducted on two different clays. All the tests were conducted on hollow cylindrical or cubic specimens. The tests which cover a large number of stress paths and hydrostatic pressures are grouped by soil type. Only raw data is permanently stored. When the user requests the "Processed data" for a given (tagged) test, 40 variables are automatically calculated. One can then choose and plot the desired ones. Complete descriptions are found in the user's manual.

Faculty who conduct research in Geotechnical Engineering

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Hyoung Suk Suh

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Solving energy and environmental geotechnics problems through the lens of theoretical and computational poromechanics.

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Bill Yu

Department Chair, Civil Engineering
Opal J. and Richard A. Vanderhoof Professorship
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Multiscale multiphysics processes in geosystems and infrastructure, interdisciplinary innovations in intelligent infrastructure technologies towards resilience and sustainability.

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Xiangwu Zeng

Department Chair, Civil Engineering
Frank H. Neff Professor

Develops geotechnical solutions for earthquake design, space exploration, wind turbines and vibration attenuation