Bearing Data Center

Seeded Fault Test Data


This website provides access to ball bearing test data for normal and faulty bearings.  Experiments were conducted using a 2 hp Reliance Electric motor, and acceleration data was measured at locations near to and remote from the motor bearings.  These web pages are unique in that the actual test conditions of the motor as well as the bearing fault status have been carefully documented for each experiment.

Motor bearings were seeded with faults using electro-discharge machining (EDM). Faults ranging from 0.007 inches in diameter to 0.040 inches in diameter were introduced separately at the inner raceway, rolling element (i.e. ball) and outer raceway. Faulted bearings were reinstalled into the test motor and vibration data was recorded for motor loads of 0 to 3 horsepower (motor speeds of 1797 to 1720 RPM).