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Olabimpe Olayiwola

Research Assistant II

Conducting Sickle Cell Anemia Disease research in the Case Biomanufacturing and Microfabrication Laboratory (BML) in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department.

Office: Glennan 615
Phone Number: (216) 368-6447

Key Job Functions

  • Conduct in vitro cell culture of established and primary cell lines in static and flow conditions and analyze protein expression levels using techniques such as immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, and western blot.
  • Collect, record, and analyze results of experiments using statistical analysis tools such as Minitab, R, or MATLAB. Prepare graphs, charts, and slides from experimental data for purposes of reporting. Perform analysis on flow cytometry data which may include quantitation of reactive oxygen species production by red blood cells.
  • Participate in planning and developing improved techniques, methods, or procedures related to the ongoing research work with-in the bounds of the project protocol
  • Maintain records of experiments, samples, patient information, and laboratory equipment utilized in experiments. Monitor laboratory supply levels and order supplies as needed.