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Lynn Rollins

Program Director, Center for Engineering Action

Provides support for students and faculty participating in multi-disciplinary team-based design projects which focus on advancing the public good through partnerships between local, regional, and global communities and Case Western Reserve University.

Office: 411 Wickenden Building
Phone Number: (216) 368-5566

Job Description

Lynn directs the smooth and effective operation of the Center for Engineering Action, including facilitating participation by students, faculty, and external partners.

Key Job Functions

  • Organize and facilitate undergraduate student interdisciplinary engineering design teams who partner with underserved communities to improve their conditions.
  • Guide and enable student teams while maintaining their ownership and investment in their projects. Serve as a resource to facilitate the resolution of project issues by team members. Regularly keep faculty leadership and partners informed of problems, issues, and status of on-going projects.
  • Develop and maintain both local and international relationships with community partners (including those in vulnerable situations), advisors, and mentors. Identify and vet interdisciplinary project opportunities with underserved communities. Develop and maintain projects and teams to be sponsored by the center.
  • Identify funding opportunities and participate in obtaining funding from external sources including government, development, and foundation sources to support the mission of the center.
  • Provide faculty with expertise, development of course templates, training materials, and other aids in integrating projects into courses.
  • Work with Public Relations and Development staff to implement a strategy to maintain the visibility of the Center for Engineering Action and raise funds.
  • Maintain relationship with alumni and work closely with the Case Alumni Association.