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Deborah Fatica

Assistant Dean, Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice

Provides leadership, management, and administration to the Division of Engineering Leadership & Professional Practice.

Office: 312 Nord
Phone Number: (216) 368-4449
Fax Number: (216) 368-0327
University Location Code (mail stop): 7240

Job Description

Visioning, designing and executing strategic and intentional programming, services and opportunities for students are key components of Deborah's position. The Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice provides students with opportunities to integrate fundamentals from the classroom into the real world through a variety of dynamic and intentionally developed programs, experiences and activities, and professional development opportunities. The division is home to the co-operative education program, global programs, undergraduate dual-degree program and industry relations. Deborah focuses on the leadership of the division team and seeks new and innovative avenues to enhance students' professional and personal growth and overall engineering educational experience. She builds and maintains relationships with students, faculty, staff, domestic and international university partners, employers and alumni.

Key Job Functions

  • Direct strategic visioning and planning of the DELPP programs, services and operations in collaboration with the Associate Dean of Academics
  • Develop goals, objectives, outcomes and metrics for the various division programs
  • Direct all aspects of the Undergraduate Dual Degree Program and foster partnerships with approximately 40 U.S. colleges and universities
  • Develops and implements global programs and relations for the Case School of Engineering to include short-term experiences abroad, faculty-led courses taught abroad, 3+1+1 graduate programs
  • Processes agreements, and tracks international activities and partnerships for the engineering school
  • Develops and offers Engineering Leadership and Professional Development content into the engineering curriculum
  • Leads team of students to serve as the Dean's Student Advisory Committee
  • Manages financial resources, including planning and oversight of approximately 10 budgets for the division
  • Represents the division and its programs and services on university committees and at internal and external events and meetings
  • Actively promotes division programs both on and off campus locally, regionally, nationally and internationally